Acceptable User Policy 

Last updated: 17 October 2023

Welcome to Purse Money. This Acceptable User Policy outlines the rules and guidelines for using our Services. By accessing and using the Purse Money app or website, you agree to comply with these terms. Please refer to the User Agreement for definitions of specific terms used herein. 

1. Restricted Activities 


1.1 You may not use our Services to: 

1.1.1 Violate laws and regulations: 

- Engage in any activity that violates local, national, or international laws or regulations. 

- Harm minors or attempt to do so. 

- Use our Services for abusive, harmful, or non-compliant content. 


1.1.2 Engage in illegal or harmful activities: 

- Utilize our Services for fraudulent, harmful, or unlawful purposes. 

- Send unsolicited advertising or spam. 

- Distribute harmful programs like viruses or spyware. 


1.1.3 Evade taxes: 

- Engage in activities to evade applicable taxes locally or internationally. 

1.2 Unsupported Businesses and Transactions 

Certain businesses and transactions are not supported, including but not limited to: 


1.2.1 Regulated or Illegal Products and Services: 

- Adult content, pornography, and sexually oriented services. 

- Alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, CBD products, and controlled substances. 

- Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and unapproved health claims. 

- Counterfeit goods and illegal imports. 

- Gambling and related businesses. 

- Intellectual property infringement. 

- Products and services not legal in their respective jurisdictions. 


1.2.2 Financial and Other Professional Services: 

- Binary options, cryptocurrency trading, and unlicensed financial services. 

- Money service businesses, check cashing, and payment processing. 

- Shell banks and superannuation funds. 

- Unregistered charities and trusts from specific regions. 


1.2.3 Other Restricted Activities: 

- IPTV and VOIP services. 

- Involvement with countries under international sanctions. 

- Weapons, military goods, and services intended for military use. 

- Multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. 

- Surrogacy businesses. 


1.3 General Guidelines 

- Do not copy or misuse our Services. 

- Do not interfere with our systems or networks. 

- Do not use your Purse Money Account in a way that may cause disputes, chargebacks, or 



1.4 Purse Money Account Usage 

- Use your account for personal and business-related payments only. 

- Do not use personal accounts for receiving business payments. 


2. Content Standards 


2.1 Contributions must: 

- Be accurate and comply with Canadian laws. 

- Reflect genuinely held opinions. 


2.2 Contributions must not: 

- Be defamatory, obscene, offensive, or promote violence or discrimination. 

- Infringe on copyrights or trademarks. 

- Deceive or harass others. 

- Impersonate Purse Money or any other entity. 


3. Suspension and Termination 

- We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of our Services for policy violations. 

- We may take legal action and report violations to authorities. 


4. Changes to the Acceptable Use Policy 

We may update this policy at any time. Please check this page regularly, as it is legally binding. 

Thank you for using Purse Money responsibly. 


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